The Dial Player

Soundobject was a project that looked to explore social interaction through the medium of sound.


Dial Player was a collaborative response with Aslak Siimes, Pinja Piira and Jan Libin-Libera.

The project was a collaboration with Design Products, RCA and home sound pioneers SONOS.  The project looked to explore the interactions users have playing music at parties.  We wanted to return to listening that was physically mediated and exposed power structures opening up the possibilities for more social interactions.

This project was realised at an event at Tanner Street, Bermondsey.  It was a huge success and great to have people interacting and playing with the Dial Player.  As well as the projects there was a series of workshops and events exploring the idea of soundobject further.


I was involved in the curation and production of the event, working alongside the designers, venue and client as well as being in charge of promotion and communications.


3 Week Project that carried on into the event.


The Event

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