I'm Tom Gayler a multi-disciplinary designer working at the intersection of the digital, physical objects and experience.


I am currently an Information Experience Design, MA student at the Royal College of Art.


My background has allowed me to explore the spaces between traditional disciplines, initially in between engineering and design and latterly in between the digital and physical.


My practice is focussed around two areas of interest.  The first is my interest in the 'Big Ideas', that are shaping the future of science, art and technology. I want to take these ideas and make this accessible and relevant to everyone, through a variety of means.  The second area is exploring the possibility for a emergent property of digital/physical objects.  Exploring how objects and our experience of them can become richer and more meaningful through design.


I am both critical and curious about purposeful and meaningful relationships; object to human, human to service and human to human.




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